Oliver Ripley is an international entrepreneur. He is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of a number of companies in various fields including technology, real estate, private aviation and agriculture. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom and has attended Eton College before receiving his graduate degree from Oxford University. Ripley is fluent in six languages.

In 2005, Oliver Ripley co-founded Ocean Group together with Timur Sardarov, a private investment company that supports businesses in high-growth industries in the US, Europe and Asia. It identifies opportunities in sectors with a strong long-term growth potential and increases potential of business growth through identifying and executing an appropriate business model, management structure as well as a finance strategy. 

In 2011, Ocean Group launched its subsidiary, Black Ocean, a digital media and technology company. Black Ocean focuses on investing in, building and operating businesses in the technology sector around the world. Black Ocean aims to innovate and create value, efficiency and revenue for its customers and shareholders. In his role as the CEO of Black Ocean, Oliver Ripley exhorts a hands-on approach in working with the technology start-ups they have invested in, to ensure their success and growth. The company aims to make a positive impact across media, e-commerce and online communities. Black Ocean operates across many international markets, with investments in US, Europe and Russia. 

In 2014, Oliver Ripley co-founded Habitas, a hospitality group and Habitas Rise. The companies were conceived to connect people who share similar interests in music, food or art. Habitas offers hotels and experiences designed with a particular focus on privacy, nature and music; it is a place for mediation that allows people to disconnect from technology, work or life and to reconnect with people that matter the most. Through his work for Habitas, Oliver is dedicated to empowering people and helping local communities develop and grow stronger.

Oliver Ripley is also a board member for Beespace, a Manhattan-based non-profit incubator which has helped launch a variety of innovation start-ups. Beespace offers residencies as well as the necessary support required to create innovative and transformative change. As a board member, Oliver has been involved in providing support services to various start-ups to de-risk investment for early-stage donors and to create effective change.